How does EYT work?
During the three workshop weeks of EYT, all students arrive at 9:00 am.  Each morning, we do a variety of theater activities and rehearse large production numbers which include the half-day students.  At mid-day, the half day students participate in a 30-minute workshop while the full day students enjoy a lunch break.  When the half day students leave at 12:30, the full day students head into a 45-minute workshop session.  The spend from 1:15 pm to 4:30 pm rehearsing solos, small group numbers, blocking scenes, and playing a variety of team- and skill-building games.

Once performances begin, the students are just full-blown cast members and get to showcase their hard work for a paying audience over the course of approximately 10 performances.  Call time for performances is 6:30, and depending on the length of the show, performers are generally finished, changed, and ready to go home by 10:00 pm.

Why is there a cost to participate in EYT?
EYT tuition is $100 per session for full day students and $75 per session for half-day students. Tuition funds many aspects of the EYT program including the cost of hiring experts to teach the daily workshops.

What ages can enroll for an EYT workshop?
The Empress Youth Theatre program is for children and youth who will be starting 2nd through 12th grade.  Students who will be in elementary school during the 2018-2019 school year will be enrolled in the half day program.  Students who will be in junior high or high school during the 2018-2019 school year will be enrolled in the full day program.

Why are there auditions for the workshops?
Everyone who enrolls in the workshop will be a part of the production.  Still, we need to hold auditions to be able to place participants in smaller groups based on age and ability and to cast lead roles.  In addition, going through the audition process in our low-pressure environment will help build confidence for future auditions.

I have conflicts during the workshop dates.  Can I still participate?
If you have two or fewer scheduled conflict dates in the first two weeks of the workshop, you may still register.  However, scheduled conflicts will be taken into consideration when casting lead roles.  There will be no approved conflicts during  the final week of rehearsals and no approved conflicts during the performances. 

Do I have to enroll in EYT to be in Singin' in the Rain, Jr.?
Yes.  Enrollment is necessary.  If you have circumstances we should know about, please contact us.

I have concerns about the tuition.  Who should I contact?
Please email with questions about tuition.  Include "EYT Tuition" in the subject line.