Monday, April 16, 2018

A Bit About Registration

When EYT started in 2011, we had 36 total students enrolled.  It was a delightful year with a new program and a reasonably sized number of participants.  But as EYT became a very quick success, the numbers jumped from 36 in the first year to 69 for the second.  It became obvious to us that the program would have to have a cap, and we decided that the maximum number of students that could enroll in the program would have to be 72.  The Empress building simply can't hold more backstage!

Considering the goals of EYT that extend beyond just putting on a production each summer, the early representatives on the Youth Council helped decide that EYT should continue using a registration process (instead of a straight audition process) to determine which 72 students get to be involved.  And to thank the returning families who have dedicated summer after summer to the program, often scheduling their entire lives around rehearsals and performances, the idea of Priority Registration was born.

In the subsequent registration season, this process has served the program well.  I have first accepted registration forms from returning students, then filled remaining spots with additional students looking forward to returning to the program.  Each summer I have had to turn away a few students in the ever-popular junior-high girl demographic, but I have also been able to welcome in several 6th grade and high school girls.

As demand has increased, we have tried to meet the needs.  In 2017, we introduced an additional component to the program with EYT Interns, allowing the program to serve an additional 10 teens interested in learning skills on and off stage.  That program continues this summer.

However, having completed this year's priority registration, I find EYT in an unprecedented position.  There are no open positions for girls in the full day program.  In fact, the program is over-full just from the priority registration, and I am needing to make adjustments to fit the needs of the production, the building, and the community we serve.  At present, general registration will open on Saturday with only 21 spots open; 15 for boys across a span of ages and 6 for elementary girls.

What does this mean for you?

  • If you are a junior high or high school female who was hoping to join the program this year, registration is currently full.  Please still register on April 21st.  I will put names on a waiting list on a first-come-first-served basis and will fill any spots that become available from this list.  
  • If you are hoping to enroll in the half-day EYT program, this means there are 4 fewer spots available this year, as I have had to shift enrollment to an even 36 half day students and 36 full day students.  I would suggest submitting your registration early on April 21st to try to get one of the available spots.
  • If you are enrolled in the full day program, this means there will be 4 more students enrolled this year who are eligible for speaking roles, making the audition process more important than ever.  While all enrolled full day students will participate fully in Singin in the Rain, Jr., the competition for high profile stage time will be a little tougher.
  • The priority registration procedure will need to undergo some revisions before the 2019 season in order to meet the needs of this growing community.  If you are interested in serving on an enrollment committee, please email me at  I want to get parent and student feedback before making the necessary changes to the enrollment process.
Thank you to everyone who is a part of or wants to be a part of the Empress Youth Theatre program.  I hope I can find room for as many of you as possible!


Thursday, March 29, 2018

Registration Tracker

Want to know how many spots are left?  Which of your friends have signed up?  This list will be updated as often as I have time!

THE BOYS (30 Registered | 1 SPOTS LEFT)
2nd - 4th Grade (FULL | 8):
Dylan F
Daniel V
Brody H
Ben E
Collin L
Gabriel W
Aaron C
Zander W*

5th-6th Grade (7 | 1 more):
Alex F
Blake N
Owen M
Palmer H
Jacob B
Lincoln T
Isaac B

7th-9th Grade (FULL | 9):
Brady N
Max O
Gideon C
Ryan S
Robert B
Gibson E
Tucker M
Kacyn G
Traeden D

10th-12th Grade (FULL | 6):
Skyler R
Christian H
Max C
Cal B
Samuel C

2nd - 4th Grade (FULL | 10):
Wendy T
Jazmyn H
Gabriella L
Natalie B
Sage J
Emily P
Heidi A
Noelle S
Koden P
Allie K

5th-6th Grade (FULL | 10):
Chloe T
Gwenyth A
Kalilea V
Michelle E
Emmalee R
Stella P
Janet C
Arianna Q
Ella S
Devany P

7th-9th Grade (FULL | 14):
Savannah N
Mikayla A
Abby M
Madeleine M
Lucia M
Edlena M
Caitlin G
Kaelia T
Celia L
Angelina B
Annie H
Hannah E
Madeline L
Katie R

10th-12th Grade (FULL | 9):
Maddie F
Kira H
Kamryn H
Anna W
Sophia J
Savannah D
Nora W
Kaisa H
Gracie L

Priority Registration

As is frequently the case, I got a bit antsy to get started and am opening priority registration a little early.  Because I have had so much interest already for those hoping to get a spot during the general registration, I figured I needed to review who qualifies for priority enrollment:

1) Anyone who has ever been enrolled in EYT ever.  Haven't been with us since Willy Wonka?  No problem.  We have a philosophy: once EYT, always EYT.

2) Any sibling* of a past or present EYT student or intern.

3) Any children of 2018 EYT production staff.

Priority enrollment will close on April 15th.  I will then open registration to the general public on April 21st at 8:00 a.m.  Registration will remain open until full.  Typical full registration consists of approximately:

10: 2nd-4th grade boys
10: 2nd-4th grade girls
10: 5th-6th grade boys
10: 5th-6th grade girls
7: 7th-9th grade boys
9: 7th-9th grade girls
7: 10th-12th grade boys
9: 10th-12th grade girls

*An out-of-state family member crazy enough to live with a current EYT student for the duration of EYT just to get a chance to be a part of this awesome program may assume temporary sibling status for the purpose of EYT registration.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Get in Character... Shoes

To help you prepare for your non-EYT theatrical experience, EYT is standardizing the shoe requirements.

This could make a great Christmas present for your EYT student!

All  FULL DAY students will need to own black character shoes.
Image result for character shoes  Image result for mens character shoes

All HALF DAY students will need a split-soled jazz shoe (leather or faux leather).

Image result for split sole jazz shoes leather

After registration, Ty will organize a group shoe order.  We will also host a shoe exchange for those who own (but have outgrown) dance shoes.

Hopefully this new policy will reduce stress to students, parents, and production staff!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

2018 Show Announcement

Who are we?  EYT!  And we are ready to take on a whole new sort of production in 2018.  You may want to strongly consider asking for tap lessons for Christmas!

Thanks to our very own Elnora Brunson for the incredible 2018 artwork!  I love to see the contributions of EYT all over the theater!