Friday, March 31, 2017


Priority Registration is for returning EYT students and their siblings only.

If this does not apply to you, take note that general registration will open on April 15th at 8:00 a.m.  
You will likely want to set an alarm and apply immediately to increase your chances of getting a spot in this year's program!

2017 Interns

In my Timehop today, I was greeted by a cheery picture of our first-ever EYT Youth Council.  Back in 2012, we had a four-member council to provide leadership to new and returning EYT students.  Of course, back in 2012 we also did not have a resident staff at the Empress or the producer position, or much of the progress I have watched unfold in the last five years.  This picture made me particularly proud of two things:

1) Our very first EYT Council President, Perry S. Whitehair, has just accepted a paid position on this year's production staff as Assistant Director.  Watching Perry combine his EYT experience with his ongoing education to bring it back and impact the next generation is, for me, what EYT is all about.

2) The new and improved version of the youth council - the internship program - is now staffed with 13 interns ready to learn how to someday run the theater.  When members of the Empress Resident Staff asked me the purpose of the internship program, I explained that in 10 or 15 or 20 years when we are all old and tired, it is these EYT kids who will take our places.  How awesome would it be to get to train them to carry on the traditions we have worked so hard to establish.

Without further ado, I announce to you the very first generation of EYT interns:

Executive Director Intern: Travis Hymas | Mentor: David Sullivan
Producer Intern: Melina Wrathall | Mentor: Andrea K. Fife
Director Intern: Kimberly Childs | Mentor: Jacqueline Vuki
Music Director Intern: Annie Hancock | Mentor: Cassidy Ellenberger
Choreography Intern: McKenna Holgerson | Mentor: Jacqueline Vuki
Stage Manager Intern: Adam Fife | Mentor: Andrea K. Fife
Properties Intern: Gracie Lopez | Mentor: Justina Spencer
Costume Intern: Shelby Oveson | Mentor: Ty Whiting
Set Design Intern: Jacob Murphy | Mentor: Logan Gifford
Set Painting Intern: Elnora Brunson | Mentor: Ehlana Gifford
Lighting Intern: Sylas Fordham | Mentor: Tanner Lindsay
Sound Intern: Keegan Dial | Mentor: Tanner Lindsay
Marketing Intern: Bryce Fordham | Mentor: Ty Whiting

Thank you to all who applied.  We are honored to be able to make a lasting impact through this program.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

EYT Intern Program

ALL NEW IN 2017:

This year the Youth Production Staff is replacing the Youth Council as the program's leadership training component.  EYT interns will work side-by-side with the production staff as the Youth Production Staff, making fundamental decisions regarding design and implementation throughout the program and the production.  Anyone ages 12-21 is eligible to apply for an internship.  Prior EYT involvement is not required.


We are filling up to 13 intern positions under 9 mentors this summer.

Jacqueline will be training two interns: director and choreographer.
Andrea will be training two interns: producer and stage manager
Tanner will be training two interns: lighting design and sound tech
Ty will be training two interns: costume design and marketing
Logan will be training one intern: set design
Ehlana will be training one intern: set painting
Justina will be training one intern: properties
TBA will be training one intern: assistant director
Cassidy will be training one intern: music director

Some intern positions absolutely CANNOT perform in this summer's production of HONK:
Producer | Stage Manager | Lights | Sound | Costumes | Set

Other positions may be able to intern while also preparing to perform at the final discretion of the mentor:
Director | Choreographer | Marketing | Set Painting | Assistant Director | Music Director

Interns will have full access to the educational workshops provided in the EYT program.  Interns will need to pay the $15 EYT registration fee but will not need to pay any tuition.

Send questions to Andrea at