Tuesday, April 16, 2013


62 kids registered in 2 Weeks!

Who are we?

(If your name is on this list, consider yourself registered.  Email confirmations to come.)

Half Day Boys: (10)
Adam F.                 Alex C.                  Blake W.                 David W.               Hayden B.
Soda E.                  Trevor T.               Tristen T.               Tyler R.                 Jakob N.

Half Day Girls: (16)
Abby E.                 Alina C.                 Angella V.                Anna W.                 AnnDee B.
Delainee H.             Ellie  V.                 Hana M.                  Hanna D.                 Kandace K.          
Kylie R.                 Lyndzee D.             Madelyn P.             Madison C.            Sylvia E.              
Tori C.                                  
Full Day Boys: (11)
Eddie A.                Hayden H.               Keegan D.               Matthias B.             Samuel B.                
Skyler R.               Thomas R.             Tom R.                   Travis H.                Warren T.
Zachary L.

Full Day Girls: (25)
Aleea B.                  Alex T.                   Alison H.                Amy P.                   Ashley T.              
Brittany V.              Brynn H.                 Caitlin C.                Camilla  W.             Carissa M.            
Elnora B.                Hailey C.                 Kiersten W.             K'Lynn K.               Kylee E.                
Lindsey W.             Megan B.                Melina  W.              Melody C.               Mikayla D.            
Rachel P.                Reeve S.                 Sammi  A.              Sara M.                   Sasha N.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Priority Registration

Priority registration is now open.  

2. Send your $15 registration fee.
3. Look for enrollment confirmation via email.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Parent Volunteer Committees

I have enjoyed so much getting to work with the awesome EYT parents during the past two summers, and I have learned something:

If you want something done right, ask a parent.

Let's face it; you guys have a HUGE vested interest in our show...

You want your child(ren) to be in the BEST possible show.  

And since you like to hang around where your kids are anyway, you're the perfect candidates to get the jobs done.  Hence the creation of the Parent Volunteer Committee.  This year, I will be selecting a committee chair and committee members for the following eight committees:

Costume Committee - will work directly with the costumer to organize, alter, sew, and scout out costumes according to the master costume design

Construction Committee - will work directly with the production staff to create and install fabulously functional sets and props according to the master set design

Facilities Committee - will work directly with the Empress staff to ensure the building is clean and safe during rehearsals and performances

Supervision Committee - will work directly with Andrea to schedule volunteers to supervise lunches, pick up, and backstage to keep all 70 EYT kids safe

Party Committee - will work directly with the Youth Council to make all their party dreams a reality

Fundraiser Committee - will work directly with Andrea and the Youth Council to organize and run the fundraising car wash(es).  May also develop and implement a pre-sales incentive program

Parades and Events Committee - will work directly with Andrea to make EYT a part of the community summer landscape (organization, communication, publicity, etc)

Appreciation Committee - will work directly with the production staff and the Youth Council to facilitate cast appreciation gifts at the closing night cast party.  May also develop and implement in-workshop incentive programs

You will be able to sign up for a committee as part of this year's registration process.  So start thinking of how to put your talents to use this summer.  Who are we?  EYT... but we're nothing without our EYT parents!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Preparing for Wonderland

10 days left until Priority Registration! That means it's pretty much GO time. :)

For returning members, you'll find this year very similar to the EYT you know and love. But just in case you don't spend all your time combing the blog for program updates, here's the summary:

1. Parent Volunteer Committee

I hope you're feeling ready to get involved! There will be lots of great ways for parents to own a piece of EYT (beyond the adorable kids you lend me for 3 weeks). Look for more details soon.

2. Registration Waiver

This year, the $15 registration will be in addition to tuition.  But if you'd rather have the registration fee waived, just plan to pay the full tuition ($100 for full day, $75 for half day) at the time of registration.

3. Volunteer Changes

The biggest change is that EYT will no longer offer the volunteer in lieu of tuition option.  But there are several great ways to get your student involved in earning the tuition money.  Or your student can even apply for a scholarship.  EYT will continue to work hard to make our program accessible to everyone.  (Well, at least to the first 70 to enroll..)

4. Open Enrollment

Open enrollment will work the same way it did last year: first come, first served according to group demographics.  EYT will accept:

8 high school girls             7 high school boys
8 middle school girls         7 middle school boys
10 upper elementary girls  10 upper elementary boys
10 mid elementary girls     10 mid elementary boys

Final open enrollment numbers will be announced on May 1st.

5. An extra matinee / no Labor Day performance

EYT strives to be family friendly.  This year, enjoy an extra matinee performance and the holiday off!  Get to know your kids again on Labor Day.