Monday, August 5, 2013

Important Dates

All items shown are from Walgreens
Wednesday, August 7th: All FULL DAY girls need to bring the makeup they plan to use for the production.  Jamie Victor will be available to show you the looks we've designed for each of you and how to achieve them with the supplies you already have.  She will also provide information on where to get additional items for super cheap.

Thursday, August 8th: ALL EYT STUDENTS need to wear their base costume to rehearsal.  The costumer wants to see how everything looks together and make any final approvals.  This includes socks, shoes, and everything listed for the base costume.

**Note: Half Day students will NOT be storing their base costume at the theater during rehearsals or production.  Half Day students will arrive in base costume, hair, and makeup at call time.

Monday, September 9th: I found out some exciting news last Friday (that I obviously overlooked earlier in the year). It turns out "Alice" closes on Sept 9th, not Sept 7th. The Empress gave us the 9th to make up for no Labor Day performance. I had put the closing date of the 7th because that was what the EZticket site said, but the correct date (and the one on all the other Empress materials) says Sept 9th. MY BAD! I need to know ASAP if anyone has conflicts on Sept 9th. If you have already "liked" the status on the EYT Facebook page, you do not need to do anything else.  Please "like" that status to confirm, comment on this post, or send me an email confirming your receipt of this information.  Phone calls will happen soon to those families who have not responded in some way.

Thanks for all the hard work that has happened already!

Andrea Fife

Sunday, August 4, 2013

First Week Recap

There's an interesting phenomenon that happens each week at EYT; time stands still.  Or at least, it certainly seems like it does when you stop to consider all we can accomplish in, as Melina pointed out, only 37 1/2 hours.

  • Learned music and choreo for the entire introductory sequence
  • Painted set pieces for Wonderland
  • Choreographed small group numbers including "The Golden Afternoon" and "Painting the Roses Red"
  • Learned how to use power tools (16 and up only...)
  • Crowned winners of popular EYT games including "Parlez Vous Francais?" and "The Question Game"
  • Sweat like crazy during our Zumba workshop
  • Got to know the production staff, each other, and the theater
  • Completed a read through
  • Learned about the importance of volunteering in a non-profit organization
  • Started a crazy, choreographed game of musical chairs
  • Set specific goals and dreams; started working toward achieving them
  • Posted 74 vocabulary words from the script all over the theater
  • Watched our stage transform as blue paint started to appear on the walls
  • Learned about a caucus, and then dried off in a Caucus Race
  • Gained a new skill to bring to the table: tap dancing
  • Learned every measure of music in the entire show
Only 71 hours of rehearsal left! 

A few "Starfish" and "Seahorses" setting their specific dreams.

Half of the Full Day Kids - Post ZUMBA!

Learning how to use a jigsaw (16 and up students only)

Keeping this in mind, and working to make them come true!