Thursday, June 27, 2013

Half Day Lunch Party

The best part about having a party committee = MORE PARTIES!

Half-Day kids, you are officially invited to the FIRST EVER


Who: Half day kids, half day leaders, EYT Youth Council, (optional: parents)
Date: July 2nd (Sorry for the late notice!)
Time: 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
What: Food * Friends * Fun
  • FREE LUNCH at the park until noon OR bring your own sack lunch
  • Treats and activities (and a bit of supervision) provided by the Party Committee
RSVP: Facebook invite or to Party Committee Leader Amy Sikalis
And just in case the awesome half day crowd isn't excited enough for EYT:

Announcing this year's official half day groups:

Find out which group you are in after auditions!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Parade Choreography

For the full-day kids participating in the parade, here's a video of yesterday's choreography.  (Thanks, Zac's mom!)  It would be pretty awesome if you all practiced and came to rehearsal tomorrow ready to kill it.

Also, please download the song here:

And work on being able to sing it.  :)  It is Track 43: Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Bows.

Thanks, and see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Supporting Our Own...

A note from Tyler Rowe's mom:

Just wanted you to know in case you have the chance to see it, or in case you think other EYTers might like to know:

Tyler is playing the part of the Little Boy (Edgar) in Ragtime at Hale Centre Theatre. It is a fantastic show, very inspiring, fabulous music, and amazing talent, and Tyler is doing a wonderful job! You're probably familiar with this musical, but I wasn't before Tyler got into this, but we have fallen in love with it, and Tyler LOVES performing in it! 

The show runs through July 27th, and Tyler is in the Monday/Wednesday/Friday cast, so he does those evening performances plus the 12:30pm matinee on Saturdays. I know the tickets are pricey, but this one is truly worth seeing! I just thought you should know, so feel free to pass it along if you think other EYT kids would like to know.

I attached a picture of him with his double.

Tyler is looking forward to EYT! 

And a note from me:

I haven't seen Ragtime during this production, but I have seen it twice before (once at Hale and once at a touring Broadway production in California).  It is one of my favorite musicals of all time with incredible themes and great music.  If you have been on the fence about attending this musical, I'd recommend it in a heartbeat.  Just make sure you catch Tyler's cast!

Monday, June 24, 2013

And the Scholarship Goes To...

Each year EYT awards a tuition scholarship based on the submission of an essay.  This year's scholarship goes to:

Melina Wrathall

I hope she won't mind too much that I've decided to share her essay here on the blog.  It is very well written and really describes what EYT is all about.  Thanks and congratulations, Melina!

The Show Must Go On
by Melina Wrathall

        Last year I was involved in Beauty and the Beast and it was an amazing experience, even though there were some costume malfunctions. It is amazing what you can learn, when in a production, even if it is not what you expect. For example, last year during one of the performances I entered onto the stage and unknowingly presented the audience with a different kind of show. The front of my dress was completely tucked up into my tights, and I was on the stage for 5 minutes before I realized what was going on. I glanced into the audience and wondered why my mother was unsuccessfully trying to conceal her obvious laughter. Later she informed me that she could ether cry or laugh; she chose the latter. Even though I was embarrassed at the time, and would not have chosen this situation, it was still a good learning experience. It provided me with a funny story to tell others, and make them laugh. I also learned that as long as you try your best, making mistakes is okay. In fact, it is quite entertaining to laugh at yourself. There are many mishaps that happen in theater that relate to life. The show must go on. Some unexpected adventures will occur in life, but you still have to keep on going because life does not have an intermission. 

        When in a production there are many lessons we can learn. A very crucial lesson one discovers in theater and life, is that when the unexpected happens, improvise! There are limitless unpredictable possibilities that can happen around us. Using improvisation fills in the awkward space when problems present themselves. Whatever obstacles happen, make the audience believe that it was meant to happen. For example, when I was playing Annie in the radio scene, I never imagined that the fake fight behind me would result in a real broken nose. All the actors were improvising as they slyly cleaned blood off of the floor. Another example is if you break your toe on stage and still keep the biggest smile on your face that the audience has ever seen. Backstage there is excruciating pain. On stage there is a perfectly happy character. I am a witness of these experiences.

        It is a good skill to learn how to deal with disappointment and success. In situations such as auditioning for a specific role to portray, or interviewing for a job it is quite useful to have this skill. A rule in theater is to audition and forget about it. Somehow it is absolutely impossible for me to comprehend how people do it. I try to forget about it, but not for the life of me can I succeed. How many times in life has someone attained something that you wanted? When this happens, contention and competitiveness can build up and stir inside of people. The best thing to do is to be a friend to everyone and to be happy for other people’s successes as well as your own. Be prepared emotionally for any results, good or bad.

       I was fortunate to be a part of EYT’s Beauty and the Beast last summer. It was a great experience filled with adventure, fun and friends. I was very pleased to find that the lessons I learned last year applied to my everyday life as well, whether the lessons I learned applied at home with family or at school with friends. This year I expect to have more experiences that can help me and relate to my life. I learned so much while in the production Beauty and the Beast, and I hope to learn much more this year as we go for a new adventure in Wonderland.

Monday, June 17, 2013

How to use the CAR WASH to earn your tuition

Each of you currently fall into one of two categories:

1. Your parents have already paid your tuition in full.

2. You still need to pay some money toward your tuition.

Whichever category you are in, the FUNDRAISER CAR WASH can help you raise your own tuition money.  Here's how:

First: you need to understand the difference between the PRE-SELL tickets and car washes purchased on site.

The ONLY way to earn money toward your own tuition is to PRE-SELL car wash tickets.  This means that you personally collect money and give people a car wash ticket.  We will certainly let people pay for ON-SITE tickets at the car wash, but any money collected at the car wash will go into the general EYT budget to be used for all the various program expenses.  Even if your own mother comes through the car wash, the money goes into the general fund.  Get it?  

So if you're hoping to use the car wash to pay for your tuition, you will need to PRINT the car wash tickets, and SELL them.  That's pretty much it.  PRINT, SELL.  Done.

The only other question, then, is what to do with the money.  And that depends on which category you are in.

1. If your parents paid your tuition in full, then you owe them, not the Empress.  Take the money, hand it straight to mom and dad, and make certain to tell them "thank you" for all they do for you.

2. If your tuition has not been paid in full, then:
  • Put the money in an envelope marked with 1) YOUR FULL NAME and 2) THE AMOUNT ENCLOSED.
  • Hand it straight to Andrea (at parade rehearsals, at organized socials, at the car wash, or at your scheduled audition)
  • Wait for a confirmation email (within one or two days) indicating your new tuition balance

1. Full day kids need to sell 17 tickets (at $6 each) to pay for all of the required tuition.
2. Half day kids need to sell 13 tickets (at $6 each) to pay for all of the required tuition.
3. Money should be collected in CASH only.  If someone wants to pay with a check, you will need to cash it and turn in CASH to Andrea.
4. Students can only sell the 17 tickets available on the download sheet.  
5. Tickets ARE NOT VALID unless they have the name of the student who sold them on the EYT __________________ # section.  
6. ASK QUESTIONS if there is any part of the process you don't understand.
7. Remember, you only get to apply the money from PRE-SELL tickets to your tuition!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Off Season

What does the EYT production staff do in the off-season?  (Or at least the pre-season...)

Preliminary Costume Sketches... (illustrations by assistant director Michelle Davis)

Preliminary Set Design... (illustration by assistant director Logan Gifford)

Now aren't you excited?!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Important Dates Announced: Fundraising Car Wash and Full Day Opening Social

More details will be coming, but I wanted to at least get the word out about two upcoming dates:

Who: Full day students
When: Friday, June 28th - 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Where: Andrea's House and Park (3266 Hunter Oak Way)
What: Hang out, meet your Youth Council, eat shmimminim shmamcakes
Now: Put it on your schedule and RSVP to the Facebook event
Later: Wait for more info from your Youth Council and Party Committee

Who: Anyone who wants to earn some $$ for EYT registration -and- anyone who wants to support their friends and EYT in raising some extra funds
When: Saturday, July 6th - 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Where: TBA (somewhere in Magna)
What: Wash cars in the name of EYT
Now: Make a list of people who might want to purchase pre-sale tickets; mark the date on your calendar; RSVP to the Facebook event
Later: Sell advance tickets (available soon), wait for more info from your Youth Council and Fundraising Committee

Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Game - #ICEYT

For those of you with Instagram, here's a fun summer game for you:

#ICEYT (I See E Y T...)

How to play:

Whenever you run into a fellow EYT student, snap a picture and give it the hashtag #ICEYT.  Then check the blog to see your picture added to the slideshow.

1. Seeing each other must have been accidental.  You ran into someone at the grocery store, park, library, Seven Peaks, etc.  PLANNED GET TOGETHERS do not count, and neither does family (that includes cousins) unless seeing each other was a TOTAL surprise.

2. THE EMPRESS THEATRE does not count.  Sorry.  I just kind of expect you guys to see each other there!

3. #ICEYT pictures can feature EYT students past and present, EYT staff or tech past and present, and EYT families past or present.  So don't ignore our awesome EYT parents!

4. Play as frequently as you can!

The slideshow is live on the blog.  Who will #ICEYT the first picture?

Friday, June 7, 2013

UPDATE on Payments

Previous policies stated that tuition needed to be paid in full by the morning of July 29th (the first date of rehearsal).  There has been a recent change in policy necessary to help make certain we can get our scripts and other materials by the first date of rehearsal.  Please note:

Tuition will be due in full at your scheduled audition.

It will be the policy of The Empress Theatre that students who do not pay in full at the time of the audition will be dropped from the program immediately.  

Many of you have already paid in full, so this policy change will not affect you.  Each family will receive a statement sometime next week letting them know how much, if any, is still owed toward tuition.

Many of you plan to take advantage of the car wash fundraiser to help raise money for tuition; I will announce dates and information early next week.

Thank you for your understanding with regard to this policy.  We are all working together to have the best EYT yet!  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

4th of July Parade - FULL DAY Kids

EYT has been invited to participate in the Magna 4th of July Parade again this summer.  This is not only a great opportunity to represent our program in Utah's "Biggest Little 4th," but also an opportunity to sharpen your skills right before auditions!

Many of you participated last year in what ended up being a learning opportunity for me.  I had never seen Magna's parade before, and I wasn't quite sure how things would work.  But we're back for round two, and in typical EYT fashion, this year will be BIGGER and BETTER than before.

We're still going to sing AND dance.  (Who are we?  EYT!)  But I'll go a bit easier on the dance this year and make it something we can learn pretty quickly.  That means less rehearsals.  Which, by the way, will be June 25th, June 27th, and July 2nd from 10 am to 11:30 am.  Come to one, two, or three. It's up to you!  We will also rehearse the morning of the parade, since the parade doesn't start until noon, and (I now know...) there is plenty of down time while we wait to start.

Also falling in the BIGGER and BETTER category is this announcement: EYT will have a flatbed trailer.  That means said singing and dancing will happen on a moving platform.  (Which mostly means we won't be getting in trouble for stopping on the parade route.)  

In addition to our awesomeness, some of the cast of 9 to 5 will be marching as well.  We'll trade performances with them in an us-them-us-them-us-them rotation, which will give us time to trade out who's on the trailer and who's handing out fliers.  

So, if you stuck with me last year through tons of rehearsal and had a less-than-awesome experience, remember that I promised you I would fix it.  Here we go for round two.  Who's with me?

Please RSVP your parade participation to Zac's mom or using the Facebook event page.  Remember, your awesome director has other awesomeness to be worrying about (also known as... your show), so please don't email or text your response to Andrea.

There might still be 53 days and 18 hours until EYT, but there's only 20 days until the first parade rehearsal.  Come get some EYT on!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Preparing for Auditions

If you haven't started to think about auditions yet, now is the time!  Depending on your scheduled audition, your audition is only 5 or 6 weeks away.  Here's what you should be doing now:

1: Choose a song

  • Something you already know well or can know very well in time for auditions
  • In your range - not too high or too low
  • Something that shows me your personality
  • Try to avoid trendy or common songs; the first song that comes to your mind may not be the best song
2. Select the best minute
  • I'm serious folks: 60 seconds.  Impress me with your ability to give me what I'm asking for.  I will be taking notes!
3: Get a minus* track (no singers!)
  • There are accompaniment/karaoke/minus tracks available for TONS of songs on iTunes for only $.99 - I would check there first.
  • For the tech savvy, you can often find and convert tracks from YouTube.
  • Most smart phones can record audio.  Get someone to play the piano and record an audio track that way!
  • OR contact Andrea.  For $3 (plus a blank CD and provided sheet music), I will record your minus track for you.  (NOTE: I will only record your track; I will not help with audition preparation.)
4. Prepare your track
  • If you found a pre-recorded track, you will probably have to do some work to make it one minute.  Call your brother/uncle/neighbor or whoever it is you always go to when you need some technical help.  I bet they know how to cut down your track.  If not, there are free websites that can help with this.
  • Put your track on CD or iPod.  This is very important.  I will only be prepared to play back from these two formats.  I will not have the technology to support flash drives, cell phones, or other mp3 players.  
  • Test your CD or iPod.  Make sure the song plays back the way you want
5. Practice
  • If you think these auditions are just a formality, think again!  I use the auditions as a chance to see how much you have grown in a year AND to see how committed you are to continued improvement.  This is your chance to really impress me.
  • Practice in front of friends.  Get feedback.  Find a local voice teacher and get a few pointers.  Get all your nerves out before you get to me.
  • Be memorized.  Period.  :)
6. Double-check your scheduled time
  • Auditions and all sorts of other important dates are available here.
Remember, EYT auditions aren't scary, but they are important.  If you haven't been preparing yet, you probably should be!

* "But, Andrea... you've always begged us to come prepared with sheet music!  Why are you asking for a minus track?"  I know, I know.  But I try to keep my finger on the pulse of area theater, and a lot more companies are asking for minus tracks.  Besides, we perform to minus tracks; your ability to stay with the track is important in the audition process.