Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Game - #ICEYT

For those of you with Instagram, here's a fun summer game for you:

#ICEYT (I See E Y T...)

How to play:

Whenever you run into a fellow EYT student, snap a picture and give it the hashtag #ICEYT.  Then check the blog to see your picture added to the slideshow.

1. Seeing each other must have been accidental.  You ran into someone at the grocery store, park, library, Seven Peaks, etc.  PLANNED GET TOGETHERS do not count, and neither does family (that includes cousins) unless seeing each other was a TOTAL surprise.

2. THE EMPRESS THEATRE does not count.  Sorry.  I just kind of expect you guys to see each other there!

3. #ICEYT pictures can feature EYT students past and present, EYT staff or tech past and present, and EYT families past or present.  So don't ignore our awesome EYT parents!

4. Play as frequently as you can!

The slideshow is live on the blog.  Who will #ICEYT the first picture?

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