Friday, June 7, 2013

UPDATE on Payments

Previous policies stated that tuition needed to be paid in full by the morning of July 29th (the first date of rehearsal).  There has been a recent change in policy necessary to help make certain we can get our scripts and other materials by the first date of rehearsal.  Please note:

Tuition will be due in full at your scheduled audition.

It will be the policy of The Empress Theatre that students who do not pay in full at the time of the audition will be dropped from the program immediately.  

Many of you have already paid in full, so this policy change will not affect you.  Each family will receive a statement sometime next week letting them know how much, if any, is still owed toward tuition.

Many of you plan to take advantage of the car wash fundraiser to help raise money for tuition; I will announce dates and information early next week.

Thank you for your understanding with regard to this policy.  We are all working together to have the best EYT yet!  

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