Monday, June 17, 2013

How to use the CAR WASH to earn your tuition

Each of you currently fall into one of two categories:

1. Your parents have already paid your tuition in full.

2. You still need to pay some money toward your tuition.

Whichever category you are in, the FUNDRAISER CAR WASH can help you raise your own tuition money.  Here's how:

First: you need to understand the difference between the PRE-SELL tickets and car washes purchased on site.

The ONLY way to earn money toward your own tuition is to PRE-SELL car wash tickets.  This means that you personally collect money and give people a car wash ticket.  We will certainly let people pay for ON-SITE tickets at the car wash, but any money collected at the car wash will go into the general EYT budget to be used for all the various program expenses.  Even if your own mother comes through the car wash, the money goes into the general fund.  Get it?  

So if you're hoping to use the car wash to pay for your tuition, you will need to PRINT the car wash tickets, and SELL them.  That's pretty much it.  PRINT, SELL.  Done.

The only other question, then, is what to do with the money.  And that depends on which category you are in.

1. If your parents paid your tuition in full, then you owe them, not the Empress.  Take the money, hand it straight to mom and dad, and make certain to tell them "thank you" for all they do for you.

2. If your tuition has not been paid in full, then:
  • Put the money in an envelope marked with 1) YOUR FULL NAME and 2) THE AMOUNT ENCLOSED.
  • Hand it straight to Andrea (at parade rehearsals, at organized socials, at the car wash, or at your scheduled audition)
  • Wait for a confirmation email (within one or two days) indicating your new tuition balance

1. Full day kids need to sell 17 tickets (at $6 each) to pay for all of the required tuition.
2. Half day kids need to sell 13 tickets (at $6 each) to pay for all of the required tuition.
3. Money should be collected in CASH only.  If someone wants to pay with a check, you will need to cash it and turn in CASH to Andrea.
4. Students can only sell the 17 tickets available on the download sheet.  
5. Tickets ARE NOT VALID unless they have the name of the student who sold them on the EYT __________________ # section.  
6. ASK QUESTIONS if there is any part of the process you don't understand.
7. Remember, you only get to apply the money from PRE-SELL tickets to your tuition!!!


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