Wednesday, June 5, 2013

4th of July Parade - FULL DAY Kids

EYT has been invited to participate in the Magna 4th of July Parade again this summer.  This is not only a great opportunity to represent our program in Utah's "Biggest Little 4th," but also an opportunity to sharpen your skills right before auditions!

Many of you participated last year in what ended up being a learning opportunity for me.  I had never seen Magna's parade before, and I wasn't quite sure how things would work.  But we're back for round two, and in typical EYT fashion, this year will be BIGGER and BETTER than before.

We're still going to sing AND dance.  (Who are we?  EYT!)  But I'll go a bit easier on the dance this year and make it something we can learn pretty quickly.  That means less rehearsals.  Which, by the way, will be June 25th, June 27th, and July 2nd from 10 am to 11:30 am.  Come to one, two, or three. It's up to you!  We will also rehearse the morning of the parade, since the parade doesn't start until noon, and (I now know...) there is plenty of down time while we wait to start.

Also falling in the BIGGER and BETTER category is this announcement: EYT will have a flatbed trailer.  That means said singing and dancing will happen on a moving platform.  (Which mostly means we won't be getting in trouble for stopping on the parade route.)  

In addition to our awesomeness, some of the cast of 9 to 5 will be marching as well.  We'll trade performances with them in an us-them-us-them-us-them rotation, which will give us time to trade out who's on the trailer and who's handing out fliers.  

So, if you stuck with me last year through tons of rehearsal and had a less-than-awesome experience, remember that I promised you I would fix it.  Here we go for round two.  Who's with me?

Please RSVP your parade participation to Zac's mom or using the Facebook event page.  Remember, your awesome director has other awesomeness to be worrying about (also known as... your show), so please don't email or text your response to Andrea.

There might still be 53 days and 18 hours until EYT, but there's only 20 days until the first parade rehearsal.  Come get some EYT on!

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