Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Preparing for Auditions

If you haven't started to think about auditions yet, now is the time!  Depending on your scheduled audition, your audition is only 5 or 6 weeks away.  Here's what you should be doing now:

1: Choose a song

  • Something you already know well or can know very well in time for auditions
  • In your range - not too high or too low
  • Something that shows me your personality
  • Try to avoid trendy or common songs; the first song that comes to your mind may not be the best song
2. Select the best minute
  • I'm serious folks: 60 seconds.  Impress me with your ability to give me what I'm asking for.  I will be taking notes!
3: Get a minus* track (no singers!)
  • There are accompaniment/karaoke/minus tracks available for TONS of songs on iTunes for only $.99 - I would check there first.
  • For the tech savvy, you can often find and convert tracks from YouTube.
  • Most smart phones can record audio.  Get someone to play the piano and record an audio track that way!
  • OR contact Andrea.  For $3 (plus a blank CD and provided sheet music), I will record your minus track for you.  (NOTE: I will only record your track; I will not help with audition preparation.)
4. Prepare your track
  • If you found a pre-recorded track, you will probably have to do some work to make it one minute.  Call your brother/uncle/neighbor or whoever it is you always go to when you need some technical help.  I bet they know how to cut down your track.  If not, there are free websites that can help with this.
  • Put your track on CD or iPod.  This is very important.  I will only be prepared to play back from these two formats.  I will not have the technology to support flash drives, cell phones, or other mp3 players.  
  • Test your CD or iPod.  Make sure the song plays back the way you want
5. Practice
  • If you think these auditions are just a formality, think again!  I use the auditions as a chance to see how much you have grown in a year AND to see how committed you are to continued improvement.  This is your chance to really impress me.
  • Practice in front of friends.  Get feedback.  Find a local voice teacher and get a few pointers.  Get all your nerves out before you get to me.
  • Be memorized.  Period.  :)
6. Double-check your scheduled time
  • Auditions and all sorts of other important dates are available here.
Remember, EYT auditions aren't scary, but they are important.  If you haven't been preparing yet, you probably should be!

* "But, Andrea... you've always begged us to come prepared with sheet music!  Why are you asking for a minus track?"  I know, I know.  But I try to keep my finger on the pulse of area theater, and a lot more companies are asking for minus tracks.  Besides, we perform to minus tracks; your ability to stay with the track is important in the audition process.

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