Sunday, August 4, 2013

First Week Recap

There's an interesting phenomenon that happens each week at EYT; time stands still.  Or at least, it certainly seems like it does when you stop to consider all we can accomplish in, as Melina pointed out, only 37 1/2 hours.

  • Learned music and choreo for the entire introductory sequence
  • Painted set pieces for Wonderland
  • Choreographed small group numbers including "The Golden Afternoon" and "Painting the Roses Red"
  • Learned how to use power tools (16 and up only...)
  • Crowned winners of popular EYT games including "Parlez Vous Francais?" and "The Question Game"
  • Sweat like crazy during our Zumba workshop
  • Got to know the production staff, each other, and the theater
  • Completed a read through
  • Learned about the importance of volunteering in a non-profit organization
  • Started a crazy, choreographed game of musical chairs
  • Set specific goals and dreams; started working toward achieving them
  • Posted 74 vocabulary words from the script all over the theater
  • Watched our stage transform as blue paint started to appear on the walls
  • Learned about a caucus, and then dried off in a Caucus Race
  • Gained a new skill to bring to the table: tap dancing
  • Learned every measure of music in the entire show
Only 71 hours of rehearsal left! 

A few "Starfish" and "Seahorses" setting their specific dreams.

Half of the Full Day Kids - Post ZUMBA!

Learning how to use a jigsaw (16 and up students only)

Keeping this in mind, and working to make them come true!

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