Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Parade Rehearsals

My apologies to the half day kids since they don't get to be in on the fun with us quite yet!  But I've been loving the parade rehearsals so far, especially today's outdoor rehearsal.  Pretty soon everyone will know what EYT is!

As promised, here's a chance to see how beautiful you are.  And - added bonus - it's set to the minus track we're using, so you can practice your harmonies.  You'll even find the lyrics listed below.  And the fun continues in the EYT Facebook group (contact Perry if you're not a member yet) where you can participate in the back row -vs- front row choreography showdown.

Be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test.
Tie a napkin round your neck, cherie, and we'll provide the rest.
Soupe du jour, hot hors d'ouvres, why we only live to serve.
Try the grey stuff, it's delicious.  Don't believe me? Ask the dishes.
They can sing, they can dance, after all miss, THIS IS FRANCE,
And the dinner here is never second best.
Go on - unfold your menu, take a glance and then you'll
Be our guest.  Be our guest.

Be our guest, be our guest, our command is your request.
It's been years since we've had anybody here, AND WE'RE OBSESSED
With your meal, with your ease, yes indeed we aim to please.
While the candlelight's still glowing, let us help you.  We'll keep going.

Course.  By.
Course, one by one, 'til you shout ENOUGH I'M DONE.
Then we'll sing you off to sleep as you digest. (ha ha ha... for some of you...)
Tonight you'll prop your feet up, but for now let's eat up
Be our guest.  Be our guest.  Be our guest.  Please.  Be.  Our.  Guest.

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