Friday, July 27, 2012

Cast List

Wow!  I cannot believe what a talented group we have this year!  I can't wait to get started on Monday. Please remember that TUITION IS DUE on Monday.  If it is not paid, you will not be able to participate.  Please call if you need your balance.  (801) 641-3898.

Belle: Melina W.
Beast/Prince: Sam B.
Narrator 1: Caitlin C.
Narrator 2: Hailey C.
Narrator 3: Tom R.
Narrator 4: Megan B.
Gaston: Chris R.
Lefou: Travis H.
Silly Girl 1: Kylee E.
Silly Girl 2: Alison H.
Silly Girl 3: Cami W.
Maurice: Ethan V.
Cogsworth: Perry W.
Lumiere: Evan B.
Babette: Sasha N.
Mrs. Potts: Kierstin W.
Chip: Samantha A.
Madame de la Grande Bouche: Amy P.
Monsier D'Arque: Taylor B.
Old Woman/Enchantress: Aleea B.
Aristocratic Lady: Ashley T.
Fishman: Skyler R.
Egg Girl: Megan C.
Sausage Curl Girl: Mikayla Devries
Baker/Villager/Villager 1/Soloist: Warren T.
Lady with a Cane: Alex T.
Lady with a Baby: Sara M.
Candlewoman: Gabriela F.
Hat Seller: Ellie B.
Milkmaid: Brynn H.
Shepherd: Carissa M.
Bookseller: Zachary L.
Villager/Soloist: Reeve S.

Angel F., Blake W., Brandon W., Daniel M., Jakob N., Keegan D., Sam E., Tristen T.
Angella V., AnnDee B., Delainee H., Hana M., Madelyn P., Sylvia E., Abby E.
Trevor T., Adam F., Annastasia J., David W., Eddie A., Hanna D., Jaxson B., Kylie R., Soda E.
Lindsey W., Alina C., Kandace K., Madison C.
Anna W., Kayla F., Ravin J., Hayden B., Tyler R.
Utensil/Villager/Andrea's Assistant: Andrew W.

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