Monday, June 29, 2015

Be Prepared!

Being prepared for auditions is one of the most important things you can do.

Step 1: Make sure you know the show.

If you are familiar with the songs and characters, you are much more likely to do well in auditions.

Step 2: Choose a GREAT song.

  • Stay away from overly popular selections (pun intended).  I would highly suggest avoiding songs from currently trendy musicals such as Frozen, Wicked, and Into the Woods.
  • Consider doing something outside musical theater.  This particular musical features "Motown" style music.  A quick Google search will get you all sorts of lists like this one.
  • Choose a song that you sound good singing (not just one that you like).
Step 3: Practice like CRAZY!
  • Get your minus track taken care of now.  You can find minus tracks on iTunes, YouTube, or by bringing your sheet music and cell phone to Andrea's house.  But get your minus track taken care of so you can practice the way you plan to perform.
  • Memorize your song early.  You should be able to confidently perform without any words in front of you.
  • Sing you song for ANYONE who will listen.  Get those nerves out now!
Step 4: Consider your appearance.  
  • Dress in a way that highlights your strengths.  
  • It's totally okay to give a nod in your outfit to the part you are hoping to get.  (But please don't come fully dressed as Dorothy!)
  • Choose an outfit that will also allow you to comfortably dance.
Step 5: Don't worry!
  • Auditioning for EYT is a breeze.  Our production staff is super friendly and used to working with other students just like you.  There's no need to be overly nervous or scared.  Auditioning at EYT is fun!

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