Friday, March 4, 2016

To Add to Your Radar

A few EYT related items to add to your radar:

1. The scholarship application is now officially live, and I am really excited to be able to offer SIX $50 scholarships and EIGHT $25 dollar scholarships.  I am so grateful to a generous donor for making that option available to us this year.  Check the applications tab for more info, but then feel free to message or text or email if you have any questions.

2. After meeting with the director this morning, I have added two more leadership applications.  One (ASSISTANT DIRECTOR) is for a young adult not planning to enroll this summer.  The other (DANCE CAPTAIN) is for a chance to be a leader within the cast.  Check out those details and apply soon; I need to get this well-oiled machine assembled!

3. Because our 2016 director is brand new to EYT, we will need to hold a callback this year.  This will take place on Thursday, July 7th in the afternoon and will affect on the FULL DAY students.  While it is not absolutely required to attend the callback, chances of getting cast in a large role certainly improve with attendance.  So put that important date on your calendar now.

4. I am also starting to assemble a team of parents and other adults to help do all the work that it takes to have a successful EYT year.  Contact me in the Facebook group if you are interested in being involved!


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  2. Are applications for general online or in person?