Friday, June 17, 2016

Footwear and Hairstyles of the Nowhere Near Rich or Famous

I just got back from the first meeting of the incredible minds behind this year's production. While I am very excited about pretty much everything, here are the first two items you need to know in preparation for you (or your kid) making the transition to an upstanding citizen of Dogpatch, USA.

Because Dogpatch, USA is a backwoods sort of a town, we are going to be going for a barefoot look.  However, we are not going for actual bare feet.  Please begin your search now for one of the following types of footwear.  ALL half-day students (yes, the boys too) will need one of the following types of shoes.  Nearly all full-day students (especially girls) will need this type of shoe.  Full day boys might want to wait until after casting to make a purchase.
  • "Bear claws": This refers to a type of dance shoe that covers the sole of the foot while leaving most of the top of the foot bare. currently offers a pair for $12.95-$14.95 depending on size.  
  • Tan jazz shoes: If you are concerned about safety and want the full foot covered, tan jazz shoes are also an acceptable option.  Unless you already own a pair, this option will actually cost more with prices beginning around $25.  However, you are probably more likely to be able to borrow a pair of jazz shoes.
Summer can be a fun time to experiment with hair!  However, some of the hairstyles of 2016 just aren't going to work in Dogpatch, USA.  Feel free to keep your crazy colors through July 22nd.  As of July 25th, we will expect to see naturally occurring hair colors only (no, you don't have to have your own natural color) and symmetrical cuts only.  For those of you with beautifully "normal" hair, what we see at auditions will be what we expect you to keep through the final performance.  ANY changes to your hair (length, style, color) need to be approved before you make the change.  If your preferred hairstyle is a little too edgy for Dogpatch, and you just don't want to give it up, please be prepared to provide your own wig.

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