Monday, June 27, 2016

Half-Day Pride

I am frequently asked, "Is it possible for a half-day kid to get a role with lines or solos?"  

Here is the answer.
Is it possible?  Yes.
Is it likely?  Not particularly.

And here is the reason why:
It is purely logistical.  The schedule for EYT rehearsals generally focuses on large group numbers in the morning when half-day kids attend.  Scenes are blocked and run in the afternoons when we only have the full-day kids in attendance.  It has nothing to do with talent or ability!  Sometimes it is possible to assign solos or lines in a scene that only needs to be run in the morning to half-day kids, and that is completely up to the production staff when they do the casting.  

Don't let it get you down!  
Each half-day student will be cast in one of the four groups listed below.  No, I'm not going to announce just yet what each group gets to do or wear.  But I am announcing the group names, logos, and colors so you can get excited.  

There's more to look forward to!
Half-day students should also be looking forward to:
  • Awesome moments with Half-Day Ambassador Travis Hymas
  • Daily rehearsals and games with half-day leaders like Perry Whitehair and Kaelene Holgerson
  • A full-day mentor that can answer your questions and show you the ropes
Let's ban the "just" from Half-Day
I don't ever want to hear you say, "I'm just a half-day."  
Let's shout it proudly, "I'm a HALF-DAY!"

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