Monday, July 3, 2017

Half Day Base Costumes (And Worry Free Reminder)

As a reminder, EYT students are required to provide what we call a "base" costume.  Our costume team will add additional items to this base to create each costume.  For half day students the base costume is easy to explain up front, and I have included that information here.  For full day students, we cannot set each base costume until casting is complete.  However, each full day student will receive a list of required items within a few days of casting, and those items will be similar in style and price to those featured on the half day list.

This year, we have introduced a new option: the WORRY FREE fee.  Families who opt for this option do not need to worry at all about the items listed as the base costume.  These will be provided, and they will belong to your student after closing night.

Choosing the WORRY FREE option means:

  • less time spent trying to decipher the expectations
  • less time spent checking prices and combing thrift stores
  • freedom to ignore the costume deadline
I have tried to price it appropriately to come very close to what you would pay if you were doing the work on your own.  However, it is definitely possible to spend less than the $50 if you shop carefully or already own some of the items.

The WORRY FREE fee has to be paid at auditions so we can start shopping.  If you do not opt for this additional charge, your family will be responsible to bring all the listed items on July 18th to be approved by our costumer, Ty.

If you want to take care of your WORRY FREE fee now, the link is here:

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