Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Matinee Rundown

On each of the matinee days, call time will be as follows:

12:30 pm - Full Day Call
1:00 pm - Half Day Call

Our show starts at 2:00 pm and should be done between 3:30 and 4:00.  Anyone who wants to take their kids home after that most certainly may!  Call times for the evening show are:

6:00 pm - Full Day Call
6:30 pm - Half Day Call


They can stay for some matinee day fun.  Families are invited to join in as well!  All matinee events will take place at the theater.  RSVP is required so I can plan for food.


July 29th
4:30 pm - Mac'n'Cheese, Chicken Strips, and Dessert, $8.00 a plate for EYT kids and families
5:00 pm - On the Spot Comedy Improv show

August 5th
4:30 pm - Jimmy Johns sandwich and chips pack, $5.00 each for EYT kids and families
5:00 pm - EYT Variety Show (organized by Trevor and Tristen Tharp)

August 12th
4:30 pm - Pizza and Potluck, FREE - THIS IS OUR CAST PARTY!
5:00 pm - Awards and such

I will be collecting money (cash only) for the 29th and 5th.  You will receive a wristband for each dinner you purchase, and you will not be able to get your dinner without that wrist band.

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