Friday, July 7, 2017

No Worry Fee (PART 2)

If you choose the $50 NO WORRY FEE, it must be paid by Saturday, July 8th at midnight.

The following families already paid the NO WORRY fee to cover the costume and makeup items we would traditionally ask you to provide for yourselves.
Adams, Berg, Bogue, Curfew, Farnsworth, Fife, Flores, Goodfellow, Hancock, Nelson, Le, Pollock, Purdy, Richardson, Tuero, Tuttle, Vuki, Waldrop.

Many full day students need the same "base costume" as the half day students in addition to the costume they will receive for their named role.  See the lists below to determine which base(s) are needed.  Ask Ty before buying shoes; you will likely only need one pair for the whole show.

Full Day Barnyard Birds (orange or yellow shirt and socks/leggings, see Ty for shoe info)AJ, Brayden, Christian, Blake, Mckenna, Katie, Kamryn, Savannah, Celia, Annie
Full Day Frogs (green shirt and socks/leggings, see Ty for shoe info)David, Trevor, Angelina, Caitlin, Rilee
Full Day Blizzard (white dance tights, see Ty for shoe info)McKenna, Katie, Kira, Angelina, Caitlin, Rilee, Annie, Madeline

Information for your named role is too individual to post.  Ty will let full day students know of any items needed from home.

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