Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 10

Two-thirds done.  Crazy! 

Our first run-through of Act II was a bit scary, but after spending some time fixing and cleaning, we ran it again, and I couldn't believe the improvement.  We have a show, folks, and it is going to be great! 

Jeremy Heaps, a standard fixture at the Empress Theatre, came to teach a workshop on partner dancing.  I got to stick around as his partner, and it was fun to be in a half-day workshop!  Those kids are definitely not lacking when it comes to energy.  In addition to talking about trust and the importance of working as a team on the dance floor, Jeremy taught about listening and about matching the time, space, and energy of the other dancers.  He also helped the kids get over the "ew, yuck!" factor of sometimes needing to dance with a partner.

One of my favorite moments, though, may have been watching the full-day kids cheer each other on as they tried to master new skills.

The afternoon was full of new choreography, and we got to use many of the skills from the workshop including trust, since the choreography was... well, you'll see!  Again I just felt lucky to get to work with these talented kids.  Everything I asked for, they did, and did well. 

Tomorrow will be our first full run through, and I can't wait.

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