Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 8

I am sad to say that this first EYT session is officially half way done with 8 days down and only 7 to go.  I personally am looking forward to next week when we won't have a single cast member missing and I can just sit and enjoy the show.  We're definitely missing our castmates who are gone for camps and vacations!

We were able to do a complete run through of Act I today, and tomorrow afternoon we'll get to do our first run-through of the whole show.  I am constantly amazed by the talented actors, singings, and dancers I get to work with, and it is so great to see the characters come alive on the stage.

At today's workshop, April Tritchler took the kids through the steps of set design, from thinking about the story line and functionality of the pieces to how to set an overall mood.  After sketching their own set pieces, they each got to create a small piece of what will be our set. 

We worked on teamwork and rhythm (and honed our competitive skills) with a game.  Congrats to Travis for winning the first round!

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