Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 5

Today was a huge day, since we BLOCKED ACT I!!  We also created plenty of memories, walking around the stage making animal noises.  We talked a lot about how and when to help your castmates in a way that allows them to make their own mistakes and learn from them, and also to help save each other if a mistake has already been made.

The workshop was on projection, inflection, and memorization, and the kids had a great time learning from Kim Topham.  They played a version of human minesweeper, having to carefully learn and memorize the correct path to a secret destination.  They also had the chance to practice their improvisation skills through a hilarious version of the dating game.  My favorite character was a split personality cop/Disney Princess, portrayed by K'Lynn.

The show is starting to feel like a show, which is good since we open after only 10 more rehearsals!

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