Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Change in the Game (#ICEYT)

A realization:

I go places and see random people, because I have a car.

Teenagers pretty much only see who they intended to see, because they don't.

So I'm making an update to the rules for #ICEYT.  Basically, I want to see a lot more pictures.  So here are the new rules:

1. The Empress still doesn't count.  No #ICEYT tags from backstage or after show.  Sorry!
2. You may only post one #ICEYT per friend.  In other words, if I see Sasha every day, I only get to post one Sasha/Andrea picture.  But I can post a Sasha/Andrea, then a Perry/Andrea, then a Zac/Andrea.
3. The goal is to post as many pictures as possible.  Hanging out with 5 EYT friends?  Get all the possible combinations and post them!

And... GO!

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