Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What to Bring to Rehearsal

New or returning, here's some good advice on what to bring to daily rehearsals:

  • Your script or lyric book | Everyone will receive a script or lyric book on the first day of rehearsal.  You must have this item every day.  Must.
  • A pencil | Maybe even a backup pencil.  Your script/lyric book will be yours to write in.  Please write in it.  A lot.
  • Water | Bring a water bottle or three.  We work really, really hard at EYT, and you're probably going to get really, really thirsty.  
  • Snacks | Half day kids will get some sort of an official snack break each morning.  Bring something to recharge.  Full day kids are allowed to take snack breaks as needed.  Seriously - don't go all day without eating!
  • Lunch | Only the full day kids eat lunch at the theater.  Full day kids should pack a healthy lunch to eat outside behind the theater.  Students will NOT be allowed to leave the theater during lunch, even if they have their own car.
  • A quiet activity | Although I try to work everyone really hard every moment of every day, there will be occasional down time.  Students should bring a book or something quiet to do.  While electronic devices with headphones can be great, The Empress Theatre does not assume responsibility for items sent with your students.
  • A smile | Please focus on bringing a good attitude each day.  We are all going to be tired.  Some of us are going to get sick.  Let's focus on being friendly all the time and having the best experience possible!

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