Monday, July 8, 2013


What has EYT been up to in the weeks leading up to workshops?

Well, 21 incredible full day kids plus 2 half-day leaders sang and danced their way down Magna Main in what can only be described as a PARTY ON A TRAILER!  EYT received a lot of compliments as being one of the highlights of the Magna 4th of July Parade.

Then we kept the fun going at the second annual EYT car wash.  Several kids earned their ENTIRE tuition selling pre-sales tickets to the car wash.  We completed over $500 worth of car washes this year, including one beautiful Corvette and a Nissan 370Z, which half-day kid Sylas informed me is "brand new!  They just started selling those."

Thanks to everyone who made these events possible, including our Parade and Car Wash committees and our youth council.  EYT wouldn't be the same without every one of you!

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