Monday, July 1, 2013

Parade Specifics

A few parade specifics (FULL DAY kids only):


You will receive your Alice in Wonderland show shirts to wear in the parade, but you will not receive them until the morning of the parade.  This means you will need to arrive wearing something else and change into your show shirt before the parade starts.  I'd love to say you'll have a dressing room... but you won't.  I can, however, offer to let you take turns changing in the truck.

In order to have everyone look as similar as possible, please wear denim pants, capris, or shorts (finger-tip length so you don't stick to the chairs).

If you're into accessories, your shirts will be green and purple.

Of course, make certain you wear shoes/socks appropriate for walking/dancing the whole parade route.

WHERE (and when) TO GO

We will meet at 10:00 a.m. at the LDS Stake House at 8400 W and 3100 S.  You WILL NOT be allowed to actually drive into the parking lot, nor is there parking particularly nearby.  Arrange to have someone drop you off along 8400 W in front of the parking lot or on 3100 S across the street from the Stake House.


You're probably going to want to eat a sack lunch before the parade actually starts at noon.

You'll also want a nice big water bottle.  We will have additional water coolers in the back of the truck, but you'll need something to hold your water in.


The parade ends just around the corner from The Empress.  We'll walk back down to the theatre afterward, so arrange to meet your rides there.


Thanks for your voluntary participation.  The parade is going to be a huge success this year.  Some might even say a PARTY ON A TRAILER!

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