Thursday, July 2, 2015

18 Days Until EYT!

If you are big dork like me, you are already starting to think about the first day of rehearsal.  Maybe you've been there before.  Maybe this is your first year.  Either way, that first day is something pretty amazing.  Here are three suggestions to make day #1 a smashing success.
  • Consider your shoe choice carefully.  You will receive information with casting about what type of shoes your character will wear, and you will probably want to choose a similar shoe for rehearsals.  In general, any flexible-soled shoe is a good choice.  You can be fancy and go for a dance shoe, or you can keep it simple with a pair of comfy canvas shoes.  Smart dancers will avoid flip-flops and heavy athletic shoes.
  • Let's talk water!  There is NO drinking fountain at the Empress!  You are definitely going to want to bring a water bottle.  Trust me, the theater is going to get hot.  Not only that, but sometimes we like to turn the front lawn into an extra space for rehearsing.  Plan ahead to stay hydrated.
  • And what about supplies?  On the first day, you'll get a combination of script, score and/or lyrics folder depending on your character.  You'll also get a nifty EYT pencil.  I'd suggest choosing a small bag to transport your belongings to and from the theater so you are always prepared.  Other suggested items for your bag: snack(s), additional pencils... yeah, that's about it.
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