Wednesday, July 1, 2015

19 Days Until EYT!

It's Wednesday, which means that for some of you, auditions are just 2 weeks away!  To prepare for EYT today, do these 3 things:
  • Double check the date/time of your audition.  All of this and more is available in the calendar tab.
  • Listen to at least three songs from the MUSICAL version (not the movie version) of the show.  Post your favorite song in the comments or on Facebook.
  • Select your audition song.  Re-read the suggestions here.

Though you are growing older now
And I'm watching you grow
I know I make you sad sometimes
And I see your feeling show
But one day
I'll look around
And you will be grown
You'll be out in the world
Such a pretty girl
You'll be on your own

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