Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Wiz Cast List

Wow, the talent at auditions this year was unbelievable!  In addition to these listed rolls, there will still be many opportunities for soloists and featured dancers.  These will be earned during rehearsals.

(Most actors will participate as Ozians and Winkies in addition to the listed roles.)

Aunt Em: Brynne Hill
Uncle Henry: Nicholas Maxwell

Dorothy: Lindsay Woodward
Toto: Dodger Packer
Scarecrow: Travis Hymas
Tinman: Zachary Linnett
Lion: Ryan Bullock

Addaperle: Gracie Lopez
Evillene: Nnennaya Ukoh-Eke
Glinda: Reeve Sikalis
The Wiz: Hayden Hill

Gatekeeper: David Whatcott
Lord High Underling: Nicholas Maxwell
Soldier Messenger: Christian Hartman
Winged Monkeys: Trevor Tharp, Tristen Tharp

Yellow Brick Road:
Savannah Barker, Elnora Brunson, Jackki Ryann Ruiz

Golden Brick Road:
Ashley Archer, Kimberly Childs, Alex Tharp

Brynne Hill, Reeve Sikalis, Nnennaya Ukoh-Eke

Crow #1: Jaidyn York
Crow #2: Kara Gifford
Crow #3: Kandace Keddington
Crow #4: Maddison Flores
Crow #5: Trinity Nichols

Field Mouse #1: Spencer Patane
Field Mouse #2: Angel Flores
Field Mouse #3: Jacob Murphy
Field Mouse #4: Katelyn Alles
Field Mouse #5: Edlena Mitchell

Citizen #1: Edlena Mitchell
Citizen #2: Charly Searcy

Winkie #1: Mari Kingsley
Featured Tornado and Kalidah Dancer: Kira Holgerson


Munchkin Welcoming Committee (Speaking Lines, Munchkins, Ozians, Winkies):
Cassidy Dalton (#1), Kaleb Jones (#2), Kirby Rickett (#3), Alex Packer (#4), Blake Whatcott (#5), Sam Elliss (#6), Maddie Mills (#7), Sierra Young (#8), Kaelia Tuttle (#9), Caitlin Goodfellow (#10), Alissa Packer (#11), Sydnie Archer (#12), Madeleine Murphy (#13), Lincoln Tuttle (#14), Delainee Hill (#15)

Winkie Soloists:
Kaleb Jones, Cassidy Dalton, Kaelia Tuttle, Alissa Packer, Madeleine Murphy

Lollipop Guild (will appear as Munchkins, Ozians, Winkies, and Scenery)
Joseph Bair, Lily Parkinson, Hailey Harmon, Lucie Murphy, Hannah Elliss, David West, Sean McFarland, Easton Packer, Sydnee Alles, Chloe Tuero

The Lullaby League (will appear as Munchkins, Ozians, and Winkies)
Sydnee Hill, Michelle Elliss, Benson Packer, Kortnee Linnett, Kate Parkinson, Aaron Bair

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