Friday, July 17, 2015

3 Days Until EYT!

While Chalese and the production staff are busing ironing out the final details of the cast list (sorry to disappoint with this post), I wanted to check in with final details.  I am going to try to go in the order of what I think is most important.

FIRST: If your student has not yet completed his/her bio, the deadline is tomorrow.  Today is even better.  Visit ASAP to complete the bio.  Bios not received by Saturday at midnight will not appear in the program.

SECOND: We are taking headshots on Monday at the theater.  Please send your student looking photo-ready.  

THIRD: Our makeup workshop is on Wednesday.  Students need to bring their own makeup in order to fully participate.  Students who do not bring makeup will get to watch and learn from our great instructor, but they will not be able to practice the techniques.  Please review the makeup requirements listed at the bottom of the costume page (just scroll down).

FOURTH: I forgot to address complimentary tickets at the parent meeting on Wednesday.  Each show participant will receive 2 complimentary tickets to share with friends and family.  These will be sent by email as we get closer to the show.  These are issued by participant, not by the number of functions in the show (for example, a student who is both in the cast and on the youth council would still only receive 2 tickets).

FIFTH: I am very concerned about hydration.  Please send your student with a water bottle (labeled with their name would be amazing) each day.  There is no drinking fountain at the Empress.

SIXTH: Base costumes (the term we use for items we have asked you to provide from your closets) need to be approved during the first week of workshops (by July 23rd).  An easy way to do this is to take a picture of your student dressed in their chosen costume and email it to our costumer.  Detailed requirements are listed on the blog.

           Costume Approval: Margie Craig     
           Contact info included in parent email

SEVENTH: I am so impressed with the quick response for volunteer to help supervise and maintain the Empress facilities.  Now that we have the facilities list up and going, that brings us to 105 opportunities to volunteer and about 45 families to share the work. From now on, please DO NOT contact me regarding volunteering.  Please refer to our awesome Parent Volunteer Committee Chairs.

           Supervision Chairperson: Renea Flores   
           Contact info included in parent email
           Supervision Calendar Link: See parent email

           Facilities Chairperson: Myranda Holgerson 
Contact info included in parent email
           Facilities Calendar Link: See parent email

EIGHTH: Ah, rehearsal conflicts...  We have compiled everyone's conflicts into one living and breathing document editable only by the amazing Justina Spencer, our stage manager.  From now on, please remember that if your student need to miss a rehearsal, you do not simply need to TELL Justina.  In any case less than an emergency, you should communicate WITH Justina, as she may have some ideas of how to get your child to rehearsal or some input regarding which hours of the day would least impact the rehearsal process.  Please make every effort to have your student present at every rehearsal with the exception of those already approved on their audition form.  Please also keep in mind that if it is not written down, it never happened. :)  Chalese and Valerie will be referring to this conflict calendar daily in preparing rehearsals.  

           Rehearsal Conflict Contact Person: Justina Spencer     
           Contact info included in parent email           
           Conflict Calendar Link: Here
           ** This calendar currently only has the original conflicts (it does not include the updates from auditions).  
           Give Justina 24 hours to get all that on there!

NINTH: If you missed the parent meeting, the agenda is attached to the email you received.  

TENTH: Thank you so much for letting us share your children. And thank you even more for reading all TEN of these important points!  This is going to be an absolutely incredible year at EYT.

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