Friday, July 10, 2015

9 Days Until EYT!

Four years ago, I was cast in my very first production at the Empress Theatre.  I was in rehearsals learning the songs and dances as part of the ensemble for Oklahoma, and the choreographer and director kept stressing how important it was to perform "on the angles."  Having never performed on a thrust stage like the Empress (or even in the round), I felt like I couldn't quite grasp the concept of how to reach an audience on three sides.  I decided the best way for me to understand this would be to sit as a member of the audience before trying to take the stage as a performer.

Whether you have ever seen a show at the Empress or not, I would highly recommend taking the opportunity to go see the current show, 1776.  

As EYT producer:
  • I would love for you to sit in the seats and study the patterns in the blocking.  What are the actors doing to reach all three audiences?
  • I would love for you to listen to how the actors project their voices, filling the room with sound often even without a microphone.
  • I would love for you to consider how costumes, makeup, and hair affect each actor or actresses ability to portray his or her assigned character.
As a 5th grade teacher:
  • I would love for you to get to see history played out in these realistic characters.
  • I would love for you to understand the ideas of conviction and compromise and consider how to apply those in your lives and onstage.
As a member of the theatre community:
  • I would love for you to get to see this incredible cast do their thing.  
  • I would love for you to support other actors who love the Empress and who dedicate so much of their lives to making it a better place.
  • I would love for you to go see it because it is REALLY, REALLY good.  (I saw it on Monday.)
So if you are looking for something to do to get you ready for The Wiz, take your family to go see 1776.  

*Parental warning: the script includes time period language that is considered to be cursing today and a small amount of adult innuendo.  The original movie was rated PG.

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