Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Announcing the ALL NEW Promo Pack

Are you looking for a creative way to get the word out to friends, family, and neighbors about the upcoming show?

Do you plan to see Li'l Abner more than once and know you'll end up spending more in concessions than you did on your ticket?

Are you dying to see the show and just can't wait until opening night?

Does your child love nothing more than to see his or her own face and name in print?

If any of these apply to you or your family, check out our all new PROMO PACK!

  • 10 sheets of personalized "Friends and Family" discount concession cards
  • Producer's Preview ticket
When you order a promo pack, you will get 10 sheets of "Friends and Family" discount concessions cards.  Use one every time you come to see Li'l Abner, or - even better - give them away to friends and family to use when they come to the show.  All the important information including performance dates and the theater address is right on the card.  You can even add the presales discount code (DOGPATCH) on the back and encourage your people to purchase early.  

Sample Promo Pack Sheet (10 sheets included per pack)

Sure, it is really fun for your kid to see his or her own face on the promotional materials, and yes, your friends and family get to save a bit of money on Red Vines and Mountain Dew, but what is really in it for you?

That's where the Producer's Preview invitation comes in.  Come be the Producer's personal guest and see the show before it is available to the public.  Rub elbows with the Executive and Artistic Directors at the theatre and have a chance to gush about how amazing the show is (because we all know it will be, right?) before the proverbial curtain even rises.

Promo Packs must be ordered by Friday, July 22nd in order to allow time for design and printing.  The order process takes two steps.  

1. Pay for a Promo Pack here.
2. Fill out the order info here.

I will send you a confirmation within approximately 48 hours of receiving your order.

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