Sunday, July 17, 2016

Friday Workshop Requirements

Our awesome hair and makeup workshops on Friday require a bit of audience participation.  Please see below for which items your student should bring.  Students who do not arrive prepared with the items will only get to watch the demonstrations and will not be able to participate.

Guys- theater make up
Students should have their own since germs are spread extremely easily through make up. If you don't already have the items handy the dollar store, grocery store or Walgreens all carry make up. Students will use these items for the actual show, not just the workshops.

  • blush
  • mascara
  • chapstick
  • eye liner (fair hair and skin should bring brown eyeliner; dark hair and skin should bring black or black/brown). 

Gals- hair supplies 
Even if your student has short hair they will still learn curling skills. If your student is wearing a wig in the show please bring it if you need styling tips. Not all students will wear curls for the show; this is a techniques workshop.

  • brush
  • comb
  • curling iron that is less than an inch in diameter (smaller curling irons work better for curls)

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