Saturday, July 2, 2016

Final Parade Information

To those who are participating in the parade:

  • Remember to wear your yellow EYT shirt (I have yours if you don't have it yet) and some sort of denim shorts or pants.  Remember shorts should be at least finger length.
  • Hats are allowed for half-day kids, but try to stick with red, white, or blue if possible.
  • I have three water bottles for each kid.  We will use only those water bottles on the trailer.  However, if you want to bring a water bottle to use before or after the parade, feel free to bring your own.
  • Sunscreen!  You don't want to be sunburned for your audition and headshot this week.  Bring your own, or I reserve the right to spray you with whatever I bring.
  • Please arrive at 10:30 at the LDS stake house located at 8400 West and 3100 South.  No one can park in this lot, so plan to just be dropped off.
  • Your parents should plan to pick you up at the theater.  Full day kids, I expect you to be responsible and have a plan for yourselves.  Half day kids, I need you to be picked up by a responsible adult or sibling at the theater.  We will likely be done around 1:30.
  • Our trailer is unit number 48, which means we are close to the middle of the parade.
Oh, and most importantly, THANK YOU!

(A trailer in the dark... I should've taken these pics earlier.)

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