Saturday, July 2, 2016

Fundraising Car Wash

We have final approval from Walmart to hold this year's fundraising car wash in their parking lot, which means I am ready to announce how to sell the tickets!

First, I need to start with a REALLY IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: All tuition money is due by the time you leave your scheduled audition, whether you plan to sell car wash tickets or not.  This means you need to handle your car wash sales in one of two ways:

#1 Pre-sell

  • Sell all your car wash tickets before your audition.  
  • Bring all the cash and checks made out to OHPAA (Oquirrh Hills Performing Arts Alliance, if you were curious) to your audition.  
  • Be prepared to pay the remaining balance of your tuition with cash or check because I won't be able to process random amounts on a credit card.
#2 Post-sell
  • Pay your tuition using cash, check, or credit card
  • Keep all the cash and checks made out to your parents to reimburse them for the money they paid for EYT
Either way you handle the timing, the basic process is this:
  1. Download and print the carwash tickets here:  PRINT YOUR TICKETS TO SELL
  2. Sell the tickets for $7 each as stated on the ticket or for the promotional rate of $10 for two car washes.  
  3. Use the money to pay for tuition.  If you sell extra, use the money to purchase the required costume items!  Or you can always donate your extra sales in the silver box at the Empress.  Please be honest and do not use this fundraiser as a way to make personal money.
And if you aren't planning to sell car wash tickets, it would still be great to have you donate your time.  Check out the facebook event for details on that.

ONE FINAL DISCLOSURE: You only get to use the money that you personally collect.  The money for all car washes sold on site on July 9th will go directly into the program and will be used to cover program costs, NOT the tuition of individual students.

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